Kimono Wearing Class in Tokyo Meguro

Only Three Lessons, you will be able to dress in kimono on your own. 

 To tell kimono lovers how to wear it is my joy. I will teach you how to wear kimono both in English and Japanese. I have Japanese classes in Koishikawa, and English classes at my house in Meguro Tokyo.
With me, you will learn not only how to wear kimono, but also it's tradition and culture.

One time lesson will be for two hours.
Usually it is held on Monday afternoons.
The fee is 3,000 yen per person for a private lesson,
2,000 yen per person per lesson for two to six people.
If you would like to wear my kimono and obi, it will be 1,000 yen for a set.

1st Lesson: nagajuban underkimono and kimono robe
2nd Lesson: how to tie nagoya obi sash
3rd Lesson: how to tie obijime belt and obiage scarf

I recommend to have these three lessons once in two weeks, and practice at home after each class.
Attendees must provide own undergarments (sports bra, tank top, petticoat or drawers) and are encouraged to bring own kimono set.

If you don't have a kimono set yet, I can introduce you online stores or take you to shops in Meguro or Asakusa. You also be able to use my kimono set for 1,000 yen at my house.

If you are intersted in, please send me e-mail to shinokimono at gmail dot com.

Let's play with us in kimono. If you will be a kimono wearer, you can join my kimono club. Most of members are fluent in English and love Japanese kimono culture!

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