Fun to select a set of kimono for a French samurai and a furisode lover

I appreciate this blog introduce me many kimono fans. Recently, I had fun kimono shopping with them.

Marine, who is eager to wear furisode on her own, enjoyed furisode watching (not shopping) at a kimono wholesale. There are various beautiful furisodes!

Brice, a samurai movie fan who just arrived in Japan, selected a set of kimono with me at Chicago in Harajuku. He got a how to tie sash lesson by me in a fitting room, and went out from the shop in kimono.  
This is in total 13,000 yen coordination with juban under kimono, kimono robe, obi sash, haori short coat and two cords. He was lucky to find a kimono for his height.

And then, we practice how to eat Japanese lunch in kimono. Since to handle kimono sleeves properly is a bit difficult for a first timer.

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