The quickest kimono learner from Switzerland

Sahana who traveled around Japan came to learn how to wear kimono on her last day in Japan.
Please see how quickly she learned and wore kimono so nicely.

Because she was born in India and knows well about sari/saree which length is 5 meter and width is 1.2 meter, it may be easy for her to wear kimono which made of just 30 centimeter width (12 meter length).

We talked a lot about the similarity and the difference between sari and kimono. It was a great fun! Please see how she introduced our kimono moment on her facebook.

Thank you Sahana for finding me! Next time, let's shop around Harajuku/Asakusa. I know various kimono shops from 1,000 yen to hundreds thousand yen!


Swati said...

I was in Tokyo last year and searching for a 1000 Yen kimono for my young daughter. I wish I had known about you! I would also have loved to eat sushi with you. The whole experience sounds so delightful.

Shino said...
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Shino said...

Oh If I could have seen you, I could offer tons of fun!
Definitely next time. Please come back to Japan, soon.