Let's find why kimono is easy to wear!

How nice I got Miriam from Hong Kong to our kimono class. Not only practicing how to wear kimono, we enjoyed chatting about each other's traditional garments.

Kimono is also called gofuku which means Go (呉, one of the countries in ancient China) Fuku (服 clothes). Since the weaving techniques for kimono cloth came from there. What is more, kimono has similar shape with Chinese traditional garment Hanfu (漢服).

Miriam pointed some difference between Chinese qipao dress and Japanese kimono. Qipao is easy to wear, and reveals woman's figure completely.

For us, kimono is easier to wear since it hides our figure. You shouldn't go on a diet or wear a shape-up bra. Only you must consider is forming your back neck collar in the sexiest way. Kimono is easy, right?

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