What to Wear on Boat at Sea

As a reporter of Cruise Travel Magazine, I cruised 7 days round trip from Tokyo bay, visited Korea and Nagoya  with my kimono mate Rie.

I tied a boat obi and a mountain and wave obi on a tatewaku rising steam kimono. It was fun to wear obis and kimonos relate to a ship and sea.

On two formal nights, we swapped each other's homongi so we wore a different kimono every night! This is the best way to save kimono when we travel. Traveling in kimono should be with lady friends. Not with a man...

On the second formal night, Rie tied a gold kiribame tessellate hanhaba obi. I tied a silver ryusui flowing water fukuro obi. Both were gorgeous enough on near 140,000 tonnage huge cruise ship, right?

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Misuchi said...

The two of you look so gorgeous on that luxury ship. Very impressive. I love your kimono and styles. The boat obi is really cool <3
Love it! Hope you had lots of fun!