New Kimono Graduates! I almost cry...

Only three lessons, they were like long-time kimono wearers!
Anouk (left) wore her grandma in law's kimono. Kate (right) wore mine. I didn't help them to wear. I didn't touch them. Just explained how to wear. And then they made it!
I almost cried when they completed. Another two wearers joined in the kimono world. Welcome!


Thank you for friends met on internet

I was introduced on a kimono magazine as a unique person who found lots of international kimono lovers on internet. That was quite natural for me but quite strange for the magazine editor.
I explained the editor, because there were foreign kimono lovers who introduced kimono in English on Youtube or who integrate kimono into her own art, I can't stop adoring them.
The editor was so amazed. She must remember what we talked.
The editor also introduced my obi lesson DVD that I sing and show how to tie obi. It is in Japanese and very hard to do it in English. But someday, I will try!