Honeymoon Kimono Lesson!

A honeymoon couple from Canada visited my house to study how to wear kimono.
They just married 5 days ago and they just arrived Japan yesterday. Wow!

If you have a husband to tie a obi sash on your back, kimono is easy to wear.

They promised to wear kimono and would go to a party in their hometown. How lovely they are!

Thank you Caroline and Erik for your interests on kimono. Sorry for my husband's kimono was too short for 7 feet (203cm) high newly-married husband... But he studied hard and dressed his wife quite nicely and pretty. I envy you, Caroline!


What to Wear on Boat at Sea

As a reporter of Cruise Travel Magazine, I cruised 7 days round trip from Tokyo bay, visited Korea and Nagoya  with my kimono mate Rie.

I tied a boat obi and a mountain and wave obi on a tatewaku rising steam kimono. It was fun to wear obis and kimonos relate to a ship and sea.

On two formal nights, we swapped each other's homongi so we wore a different kimono every night! This is the best way to save kimono when we travel. Traveling in kimono should be with lady friends. Not with a man...

On the second formal night, Rie tied a gold kiribame tessellate hanhaba obi. I tied a silver ryusui flowing water fukuro obi. Both were gorgeous enough on near 140,000 tonnage huge cruise ship, right?


New Kimono Graduates! I almost cry...

Only three lessons, they were like long-time kimono wearers!
Anouk (left) wore her grandma in law's kimono. Kate (right) wore mine. I didn't help them to wear. I didn't touch them. Just explained how to wear. And then they made it!
I almost cried when they completed. Another two wearers joined in the kimono world. Welcome!


Thank you for friends met on internet

I was introduced on a kimono magazine as a unique person who found lots of international kimono lovers on internet. That was quite natural for me but quite strange for the magazine editor.
I explained the editor, because there were foreign kimono lovers who introduced kimono in English on Youtube or who integrate kimono into her own art, I can't stop adoring them.
The editor was so amazed. She must remember what we talked.
The editor also introduced my obi lesson DVD that I sing and show how to tie obi. It is in Japanese and very hard to do it in English. But someday, I will try!


12 Layered Kimono was Heavy!

I visited free 12 layered kimono wearing experience since a brochure was in my post box. I knew it was a kind of sales promotion of kimono school but I pretended I didn't know about it and visited them in kimono.
But they kindly dressed me 12 layered kimono which was court ladies kimono in 10th century.

Of course what I am wearing is not 1000 years old. Each one is very light silk kimono but if you have it with 12 layers, it is warm (hot) and very heavy on shoulders.