Behind the scene of "Unexpected Kimono Experience"

Julián Medina who is a Colombian, and won the worldwide Havana Club Gap Year competition which has given him the chance to travel abroad to 12 different countries for 13 months, dropped my house.

Japan is his 6th country and he already spent about 20 days in Japan so I should think about what was the "special experience" for him to make him surprised.

Of course it was Kimono!

Please read what he thought when I told it to him. LOL!
I contacted the person that was going to teach me how to make sushi, she told me to meet her at 4pm at Meguro Station (Not Mejiro, she said) I was very careful not to go to Mejiro and made it at 4 to Meguro.
I was meeting Shino at the station, she was wearing Kimono as she said earlier when she gave me the indications.
She welcomed me and said “Thank you for coming to the kimono wearing experience and sushi making lesson”
Wait, am I going to wear a Kimono? I did not have that on my schedule, too many things came through my mind, I even thought about running away when I had a picture in my head of me wearing a dress like the one she was wearing. (I know, I should have known that there are Kimonos for men) but I didn’t.
That’s why I was so scared.
I didn't imagine I scared him at all. Really naturally and quickly, I made him dressing my husband's kimono and tied my uncle's obi sash. His hairdo was just like a samurai, wasn't it?

What unexpected for me was he could sit on knees just for 10 seconds. So we gave up to serve tea for him in our tatami room. this is the only picture shot in that rare 10 seconds.  

After tacking his sleeves with a tasuki cord, we made various vegetarian sushis. We but Julián missed fish a bit but my vegetarian sushi recipe worked well because he awarded them "Vegetarian Heaven". What an honor!
Rest of the party, please read his blog "DAY 172 / DIA 172 MY UNEXPECTED KIMONO EXPERIENCE."
It was so exciting to know his round-the-world trip story. Amazing to know he travel around just with two back-packs. Actually one front pack and one back pack! I couldn't say I traveled with a 80 litter luggage  with kimonos and obi sashes just for a week trip!!!

Not only a kimono class, I am offering sushi making class for sushi  lovers. Details, please see HERE!

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Misuchi said...

Lucky guy to be wearing kimono at your place and make sushi and what a wonderful price to win!
Great stry, thank you for sharing!