Hot Summer Yukata Lesson

I usually don't have kimono class in summer since I don't want to listen attendee's complaint about Tokyo heat and humid during wearing. Kimono (yukata) wraps your body from neck to ankle. When you tie obi, you must turn clockwise twice as quick as possible. Yes, it is sweaty!

But this time, since attendee is a Malaysian, I opened a special class for her. I thought Malaysia was far south of Tokyo so she should be OK for this heat and humid.

With my neighbor Etsuko, we practiced yukata wearing, bunko tying and tsunodashi tying.

The lovely Malaysian Ez really did well, but our two expectations were failed.  1. Ez said Malaysia is not bad like Tokyo summer especially humidity. 2. Her Japanese was excellent so Etsuko who would like to talk in English missed opportunity to brush up English speaking skill!

Thank you for the lovely moment with us, Ez. We promise you can be a beautiful kimono dresser!