New Year Shamisen Play but stain on my kimono...

For New Year Celebration, I got a chick purple-gray komon from Nagamochiya ( the place everybody can sell own kimono 50% commission base). I love it especially this abstract karakusa-like motif with thin gold lines.
A Close Up

With a blue and gold lace fukuro obi 

A happy new year!

On January 1st, at our uncle's house,  when we cheered for the new year, I dropped beer on my kimono. Shxx! (not Shino). A stain on my collar!!! This was the worst thing that I had had in new year celebration because I planed to wear this kimono again on Shamisen banjo new year party a week later.  

I wonder, worry and fret about, and finally decided to wear it again at the Shamisen new year party.
But I hided behind other players.
Hope you couldn't see the stain.