my new summer kimonos

I got two summer kimonos. Kinu basho and ro komon. Kinu basho is silk tsumugi weaven like Okinawa bashofu (real bashofu is pretty rare and expensive!). Ro is see-through and light summer silk for July and August. However, since recent Tokyo summer is crazily hot, where and when I can wear them?

I wore kinu basho at Tsukiji sushi diner. Chef was so pleased to see my kimono and asked me to have a photo with him.
Sushi directly from Tsukiji fish market was nice but I was so sweaty...
So I brought them to my Alaskan cruise tour.
I love this summer linen bingata obi sash, too!
Danced for the ocean in ro comon.

However, as you see on the photos, Alaska was dark and cold. Pieces of icebergs floating on the sea...even in summer. I was freezed in see-through kimonos!


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