First kimono kitsuke party in 2012

Today's my handmade oyatsu snack was sweet potato cake with honey lemon sauce. For our kitsuke party!

It was a bit crowded but was a great fun! because we welcomed a new member on board.
This party's details are on her blog. Please read how she was excited on her first kitsuke!.


Inna S said...

This party was lovely! And the emotions overwhelming :) Thank you so very much!

Shino said...

You are welcome! Would you like to come next kitsuke on 9th March?

ユーリアン said...

I used to live in Tokyo and enjoyed old Japanese customs and traditions. Since I will be moving back to Japan (Chiba) I'm looking for a blog about 「男の着物」. Can you recommend a fellow blogger (English or Japanese)?

Shino said...

Hi ユーリアン

How about Higashi-san's blog or Lyuta's?


Both are kimono daily wearer!

Uby Ansedes said...

Hello! my name is Gabriela and I'm from Mexico, I just moved to Tokyo and I'm really interested in Kimono and the culture that surrounds it, unfotunately information is hard to find and non of my japanese friends have any idea about kimono, I was wondering if you would not mind showing me a little bit of this amazing piece of clothing :)

Shino said...

Hello Gabriela!
Welcome to Japan. I used to live in Mexico for 3 years when I was a kid. I love Mehico!

As for kimono, you have several choises.

1. Wait until autumn to join my kimono party. I don't have it in summer since it is too hot to wear kimono with many people at my house.

2. Visit Tnasu-ya in Nakano on Friday since my kimono mate who is fluent in English working as a part time there.

3. Join Japanese dance class for beginners I will attend on next Tuesday. Details are here and you can ask by e-mail for more information.
Every attendee will be fluent in English. Come on and join us!