Reversible obi sash is the best for travels

Do you know how to tie-dye? I didn't and now I know!


and Dry
And then, sew brown cloth and  green cloth in one.
Green side, brown side and a core for obi sash 

Brown side is for the red kimono.
Green side is for my orange base  calico sarasa kimono. Mission is completed. Do I and my red kimono look nice?


Kyuukaryuko said...

You both look lovely, and that obi came out perfect!
What did you use as core for the obi?

Misuchi said...

You look so perfect and the obi is great! What a good idea.

I use obi-shin or when not available, the thickest collar stiffener available at the fabric shop ^_^

Shino said...

Thank you! I really like these color matching!

As for a core, there are variety kinds specializing for obi in Japan. Silk, cotton...anything. If you have an old or dirty obi sash about to dump, you can get out just obi core from it and use for new one!