Kimono Year-end Party!

We, Tokyo kimono club had a kitsuke session in my house.
Telling each other how each of us wear kimono is a great fun and useful.
She is showing us her secret for loosing datejime belt on the stage (stairs).
We all set!
And then a party!!
Japanese traditional karinto fried dough and Duch traditional sweet joined the party.
This is my handmade. Tofu cream on a chocolate cake!


Reversible obi sash is the best for travels

Do you know how to tie-dye? I didn't and now I know!


and Dry
And then, sew brown cloth and  green cloth in one.
Green side, brown side and a core for obi sash 

Brown side is for the red kimono.
Green side is for my orange base  calico sarasa kimono. Mission is completed. Do I and my red kimono look nice?


It's exciting to design my own obi sash!

I plan to wear my red komon and orange based calico sarasa kimonos on my travel to the Mediterranean. If it is overseas at sea, I don't need to be tied by Japanese old custom that matured women should wear quiet colors! (right?)
Both asanoha komon and sarasa have intricate motifs so obi sash should be simple and has a large pattern.

How about snow flake yukiwa on hemp leaves asanoha and arabesque karakusa on calico?
Higashi-san agreed to make shibori obi sashes with these patterns. Hyahhow (=Japanese wow ), how exciting! (to be continued...)

snowflake yukiwa (left) hemp leaves asanoha (right)

arabesque karakusa (left) calico sarasa (right) 


How to wear red for my age

I like to wear red and pink. Actually I liked. Recently I feel guilty wearing these good-for-young colors. But how do I do for this red asanoha komon kimono?  I can't dump it...Still I want to wear it!
Me about 5 years ago in red komon 
Lyuta suggested me to change its red hakkake lyner to dark-brown. Higashi promised me to make nice obi sash for this red kimono. Please see his beautiful shibori tie-dyeing work for his tea master. If he would make me a cool obi sash only for me....(to be continued)