Sushi and kimono on my birthday

Encouraged by Rie, I wore kimono for the first time for this summer. Well, it becomes September, but still it is summer in Tokyo.
I wore asa hemp kimono and Hakata hanhaba (half width) obi sash since it was my birthday and we went out for sushi restaurant!
I tie my hanhaba with the way which seems like otaiko musubi (formal form). I recently found how to tie like this in a book and really like this obi musubi since it is easy and looks authentic.
(On the photo, the edge of otaoiko is rolling up...mmm) 

Since I was crazy for eating sushi, I forgot to take a photo of sushi and kimono of this night! Below is another sushi and kimono. But it was last winter. Winter is the best season for both sushi and kimono.  

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