Learn from a kimono senior

To our kimono kitsuke club, a special guest came. Mrs. Arita, who has lived near my house over a half century and loves kimono.

Although she didn't wear kimono because of her injury at a leg,  she helped our wearing and gave us lots of tips of kimono coordination and seasonality. It is always fun to listen how seniors did.

Next kitsuke club will be held at her house. There is a beautiful tatami Japanese room with a fireplace for tea ceremony. Japanese embroidery hanging scrolls she hand-sewed are on the wall. We can't wait to see her kimono and obi collections!


Misuchi said...

I so so much wish I could be there too
looks like a lot of fun, and educational, have fun next time!

Ume Bloom said...

Sadly, there is no kitsuke teacher in my area, nor a tea ceremony one :(.

Give us some of the tips she told you, please!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, where can I learn kitsuke in Kashiwa or Tokyo?

shino said...

Oops, Tokyo is too hot to wear kimono. Even if you were naked, you would be sweaty!

I don't know about Kashiwa but you can join our kitsuke club. We may have one in early-October, and we definitely have one on November 1st.
If you tell me your e-mail address, I will add it on my bilingual kitsuke club e-mailing list.

Thanks! Shino (heatphobia)