Oiran is the most popular in Asakusa

When I interviewed a photo studio owner in Asakusa, she confidently answered the most popular costume her customers requested were Oiran. Since Asakusa was closed to oiran's hometown.

For those who don't know oiran, I say oiran was top-ranked sales woman in Edo era. What she sold? I think she sold her time to put on and pull off layered kimonos. It must take loooong and her time charge jumped up!

However, when you go to Asakusa, you can be oiran in 30 min!

I interviewed her for an English magazine Tokyo Journal. But the publisher decided to postpone next publishing...how sad...Instead of Tokyo Journal, I introduce her photo studio on this blog because the owner made tons of efforts for my interview and taking photos. Thank you Ogawa-san, and anyone who is interested in being taken photos as oiran, please contact us! )

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