If your hair reach your collar bone,

If your hair reach your collar bone, you can hair up nihon gami Japanese traditional hairstyle.
Someno-san who is a rare successor of Japanese traditional hairstyle told me. Why don't you try it?
 She used to work in Ginza with high salary. However, because she believes this traditional hair style is the most suitable for kimono, she made up her mind to quit her job and became an apprentice of the master in Kyoto. Her story to become a professional hair stylist and antique kimono collector was like an adventure story! 
 Japanese traditional brides hairdo Someno-made. How beautiful!

I interviewed her for an English magazine Tokyo Journal. But the publisher decided to postpone next publishing...how sad...Instead of Tokyo Journal, I introduce her hairstyling on this blog because I was so impressed her story. Thank you Someno-san. Anyone who is interested in doing nihongami traditional hairstyle and if your hair reach your collar bone, please contact us!


ROTA said...

Hello shino, I hope to visit Tokyo soon, do you have ideas which I have to see when I am there? Thanx

I always love to read your blog

Greets Rota

shino said...

Welcome to Japan, Rota! You have to join our kimono club. Next session will be held on April 12th.

ROTA said...

Thanks for the invite but I'm not in Japan then.
Hope you have a lot of fun.