Kadomatsu from Poland

My another New Year Celebration is from Poland. We rarely see Kadomatsu new year pine decoration in recent Japan, (sadly Christmas trees are more popular now), so I was surprised when it came from Poland. Washi Artist Mariola made it!

I like her dolls too. Their posture, the head inclining one side silently are really Japanese traditional way and express something wordlessly but fully.
How did she get to know this!? Even Japanese forget now...

It is always my pleasure to see foreign people succeed Japanese culture. Some of traditions are almost disappeared here but taken over overseas like a torch relay..

I sometimes feel ashamed of myself when they make me realized that I know only a few things about my culture. How can I do for this? I don't have artist sense nor talent...Only I can do is waring kimono nicely...? OK I will try.


molla said...

Shino, thank you very much for great and kind words!
You shouldn`t be be ashamed, your celebration of the grand art of kitsuke is really important.
Owing to you, I will tray to follow this way farther.

Non-Crowned Princess said...

How lovely!

Zanucki said...

I think You do enough.
Some characteristics of japanese culture will be always admired and preserved by human kind.

pink chocho said...

Konnichiwa Shino san,

Thank you for a wonderful blog on kimono in Japan.

I am a foreigner living in Tokyo and am gradually acquiring some kimonos recently. The kimono lady from the shop offers to teach me kitsuke. We had a few lessons already but we do have a language barrier (a Japanese friend has to be present every time). I wonder if you can recommend any kitsuke teacher who can speak English around the Tokyo area? I really appreciate your help as there is so much more about kimono I'd like to learn.

pink chocho

shino said...

Thank you all!

Yokoso Pink Chocho san, what a coincidence! As a new year resolution, I just plan to take another kimono kitsuke class. I would like to study kisetsuke (make somebody waring kimono). I think I also can ask my neighbor, who is Japanese dance master and an English class student to tell us how to wear kimono nicely.
If you are interested in, please e-mail me shinokimono@gmail.com Thanks!