Is this a dance or a kitsuke?

I have never seen this type of performance...How deep kimono world is... but it is interesting!


Kadomatsu from Poland

My another New Year Celebration is from Poland. We rarely see Kadomatsu new year pine decoration in recent Japan, (sadly Christmas trees are more popular now), so I was surprised when it came from Poland. Washi Artist Mariola made it!

I like her dolls too. Their posture, the head inclining one side silently are really Japanese traditional way and express something wordlessly but fully.
How did she get to know this!? Even Japanese forget now...

It is always my pleasure to see foreign people succeed Japanese culture. Some of traditions are almost disappeared here but taken over overseas like a torch relay..

I sometimes feel ashamed of myself when they make me realized that I know only a few things about my culture. How can I do for this? I don't have artist sense nor talent...Only I can do is waring kimono nicely...? OK I will try.


My New Year's New and Old

Japanese want to have something new when welcoming New Year. I had planed to get new obi from my favorite kimono shop. But..when I visited second time after I made up my mind "I gonna get it!", it was disappeared.... So I wore my mother's old obi as new. Now my mother's waist is about double of mine, but the obi is a bit short for me. Does this mean that I would have triple waist size when I would become my mother's current age?

After the new year celebration (just ate a lot) at my parents house, we went Rakugo comic story telling performance. It was wonderful. The story was about Kabuki actor. Rakugo comedian express colorful and active Kabuki performance by just words. This is another Japanese traditional art but very hard to tell foreigners (sad). I laughed and laughed.

At the exit of Rakugo theater, there was nice New Year decoration but who took this photo? We can't see the full display...sorry...