My Family Crests (Kamon)

As for my reminder, I memorize my family crests here.
Left: My mother's family: 丸に五七の桐 maruni 5-7no kiri (5 and 7 kiri paulownia tree and flower in a circle).
Right: My father’s family: 丸に抱沢瀉 maruni idaki omodaka; (Face to face omodaka leaves and flower in a circle) 
Girls usually succeed maiden crest. However, the opportunity using kamon is drastically decreasing. It was put on armors, house gates, haoris and other festive dresses but currently we merely use them. Even my parents, they didn't recall their kamon soon when I asked...
As for kimonos, put 5 kamons (one on back, two on chests and two on sleeves) are the most formal.  Black tomesode has 5 mon crests but since Emperors family don't wear black tomesode, when you are invited imperial family, you shoud wear colored iro-tomesode and put 5 mon crests on it. It must cost a lot!