Edo Kimono Fashion

At Hotel New Otani museum, an exhibition “Townswomen Fashion Kosode and Ukiyo-e Paintings in Edo Period” has been held by Nov 23rd. We can see kimono fashion history and change from 17th century to 19th century with lots of ukiyo-e woodblock printings and real kimonos!
It was a small exhibition since most of ukiyo-es are hotel owner family’s collection. (Not Hilton's but Otani's) And most of kimonos were labeled personal collection. Who have these super antique kimonos? How they survived the war fire and earthquakes? I am curious…
Today, I wore Edo komon dyeing kimono with Edo bingata dyeing obi sash to show my respect to Edo era kimonos. If you wear kimono, you can get half discount for the entrance fee!


Dragonfly said...

I'd love to see this exhibition!

molla said...

I wish I could be on this exibition. I love Edo kimono style.
Greetings from Poland

Misuchi said...

you'r kimono and obi ensemble looks wonderful, you must have felt very nice watching beautiful kimono dresed like this.
I whish I could have come with you!