Dyeing (not dying) Night

At the exhibition for Japanese cultural experience, I met a Japanese dyeing class student whose kimono design was tremendous momiji autumn leaf. She and her aunt studied Isshiki Tsujigahana tie-dyeing method and now are studying yuzen dyeing. (On the picture, the right lady wears momiji autumn leaf yuzen dyeing and the left lady wears tie-dyeing. how gorgeous kimonos they wear!)

The master of Itchiku Tsujigahana tie-dyeing revived it from four hundred years dormant. It is older than yuzen free-hand dyeing. When he revived it in 1980s, not only Japan but the world praised his works extravagantly. For example, Osho painted his Rolls-Royse as Itchiku Tsujigahana-way. (really?)

To show my respect to all kimono dyeing method, I wore sarasa calico dyeing. Do you know? The word sarasa calico came from Portuguese altough currently sarasa doesn't exist in Portugal any more.

It was interesting night to know the history of dyeing and the world is connected.

Photo book of Itchiku Tsujigahana works.  $1,200 Wow.


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I love works of Itchiku Kubota!

Misuchi said...

Gorgeous! again I whish I could have been there with you (in kimono) ^_^ hopefully soon we will meet again and we can see a kimono exhibition.
I have one (old) book with Itchiku Kubota's work, I love it. Lucky mine was just a fraction of that shocking price! But the book must be something special1
You look wonderful in this soft toned kimono.
Those two ladies look so familiar, did I meet them on Friday? They look so pretty and official!

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