Japanese Empress’s Kimonos

I am not a crazy fan, and not a protester of Japan’s royal family, just I like watching her kimonos. All of them are state of the art. All Japan’s kimono crafting techniques are concentrated. The artisans were young and their golden age when they made these kimonos for her. And now, they are retired and have few successors.

This book is just published and how lucky, I found a magazine introduced some of the pictures. Let’s take a peek!

The Empress Michiko-sama's Kimonos


Dragonfly said...

Hello!! I really enjoy your blog!
I have put a picture on my blog of my puppy wearing little tiny kimono. Have a look - its cute!!
Thanks, Karen

Kyuukaryuko said...

That looks like a wonderful book! I don't much about the Japanese Empress, but she looks so pretty in kimono.
By the way, call me Anne, that's much easier than Kyuukaryuko (even I have to look it up every time ^_~)

shino said...

Hi Karen,
I saw your puppy wearing dragonfly kimono! How cute... Dragonfly is motif for summer kimonos so you can design Dragonfly Santa Claus costume especially for your area!

Dear Anne,
Oh, you have nice simple name! I thought your blog-ID was from Kyuukancho myna bird but when I looked it closer, I found I was wrong!

Yes, Empress is already mid-70 years old, so her current kimonos are somber, but still elegant. Because it must be the highest grade in Japan! haha.