Kimono Article on English Magazine.

I wrote about kimono for Tokyo Journal, English magazine published in Japan. I heard it was sold in some foreign cities. If you find it, please read the kimono article.

The photo shoot for the front cover and the kimono article was held on end-July. The model wore awase lined furisode under 30C (86F) temperature… I wrapped the model’s arms with ice pads because I really worried that she had got heatstroke! But she was so patient and tough. She survived.

All of kimonos for shooting from Ikeda-san’s antique kimono shop. Ikedasan’s selection’s furisode is 4000 yen and obi is just 1000 yen. (in total $50!) Although the writing was a hard work, I really enjoyed the shooting. I am so sad that I forgot to take a photo of Ikeda-san and me. Ikeda-san is famous kimono coordinator and antique obidome collector. Some of you may know about her books.

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