Meiji Era Kimono Style

I read an autobiography of a rakugoka comic story teller, 志ん生 Shinsho, who was born in 1890, Meiji era. Although he was a son of samurai family, he was poor because of drinking, gambling, and playing at hanamachi red district. His description about how poor he was is so funny and tell us old kimono habits in early 20 century.

For example, he said he never rode a train, always walked to everywhere to save train fares. “I walked and walked, tying my haori coat at my neck (like Batman!?) with bare feet, tying my geta shoes at my waist, since I was afraid my geta heals wore out.” Today in Japan, we never see a man like this. I guess he hung his geta with obi sash…
He mentioned that because of his poverty, his family also wore a little. His wife wore only koshimaki at their house. Koshimaki is kimono underskirt… So his wife was like The Venus de Milo!?


リン姫 said...

That sounds so interesting! I'm quite interested in this person now, I want to read about him as well.
Lately I've been into reading about Higuchi Ichiyou, her story is so interesting.

Anonymous said...

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shino said...

Hi リン姫 His book is Binbo Jiman びんぼう自慢
http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/4480420452 it is written in Edo accent spoken language. The rhythm is light, and the tempo fast. Real iki 粋!

Thanks for your comment Veronica from Argentina!
You may want to use Waso Bra when you will wear kimono. Something like this http://item.rakuten.co.jp/omaturi/y97414/
But I don't know how to deliver it to Argentina. May be you can ask at Immortal Geisha Forum.


リン姫 said...

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Shino-san thank you so much for information on book =) Maybe I will buy it even if I can't read it now, someday in the future I can!