It is better watching dolls in kimono than wearing by oneself

Too hot to wear kimono. This is my first time in August. I am afraid I would forget how to wear kimono…
So I went to Jusaburo Tsujimura’s doll exhibition in yukata. Lots of samurai and nobility dolls wore gorgeous kimonos. Sorry beautiful dolls, I wore really casual!

This dragon fly yukata from yahoo japan auction is my thinnest one. It was really cheap that means thin. But I like this color and design. Obi sash is hanhaba Okinawa minsa hemp. The motif is continuous 4 and 5 squares which means I am always with you, even we would be in reincarnation. Scary?hana no utage by jusaburo tsujimura
Habano utage by Jusaburo Tsujimura


Lyuba-chan said...

I think it looks very nice! Is it very hot in Tokyo right now>

Misuchi said...

I think this yukata looks very chique! The dolls must have been pleased to see you dressed cool like that.
The exhibition is only till 16th of August? That is so sad... do you know if there will be any nice kimono exhibitions in end of September?
So, it's still very hot then? I hope for you it will cool a bit soon, we have perfect kimono/yukata weather at the moment, lucky me!

shino said...

Tokyo is now 28 centigrade and has a sudden thunderstorm! It's like a tropical rainforest. I think Japanese should change our traditional costume from kimono to Tahitian wear like Gauguin's drawings. So Europeans, please succeed summer kimono as your seasonal costume!

Kimono exhibitions are not so often recently but if you will visit Koriyama, there is Kimono Culture Museum. http://nmkb.jp/
It has just built one year ago. Koriyama is northern county of Tokyo. It may take 2.5 hours even you will use bullet train from Tokyo. But I think it is worth visiting! (I haven't been there though...)