New summer sake tasting party

Now it’s a season for first brewed sake, which were blended and stocked in the keg last autumn. We tasted 14 kinds of summer sakes at once! My favorite was …Tukasa botan senchu hassaku (what a long name… ) Not too sweet but had body and nice aroma. And also, it’s not so expensive.

For this tasting party, I wore hitoe no-lined yellow zenmai tsumugi and summer obi. Zenmai is a kind of fern grass. The fabric shows the fern's fiber randomly.
This tsumugi was originally tailored for awase lined. I removed the liner (actually I asked to remove it to kimono laundry). Because of this color, when it become hitoe no-lined, it become much useful. Nice to wear in late spring and early autumn.

Today’s three colors are
Yellow; kimono
White; obi sash
Violet; nagajuban under kimono, obi scarf and belt
My favorite colors!


Which is which?

Kilo sent me his photo in kimono from San Francisco. The photo reminds me the most famous last samurai Saigo-don in Japan.

Kilo, if you would come to Japan, you must be treated like a celebrity!