My obi met her mother

Freehand Yuzen dyeing artist, Yogestu Ozaki (originally from Kyoto and now in Hyogo).had an exhibition in Tokyo.
I visited her exhibition with her obi. She was so pleased to meet me and my obi, saying ‘like I meet my daughter again!’ Although she has so gentle and sensitive look, her works yokai ghost series are creative and impressive.
If I would wear her ghost obi sash, where should I visit!?


Misuchi said...

What a great opportunity!
And what a wonderful obi she made you are wearing.
The ghost obi almost seems funny, I love it ^_^
I will be in Tokyo next month, do you think we could meet? I would really love to meet kimono lovers in Japan!

shino said...

Hi Misuchi,
Thanks for your comment and welcome to Japan.

I would love to meet kimono lovers from abroad! WIth kimono!?
Please send me e-mail and tell me your schedule and plan.

serene daoud said...

Very beautiful obi. Such delicate colours. I hope the art of yuzen continues to live on in Japan. I'm really glad that such artists are still respected and active in their craft today.