My kimono tansu (chest of drawers) is from a prison

Kiri / paulownia chest of drawers is the best for kimono. Good kiri woods make inside vacuum and keep kimono from humid. Even it would be fired, inside kimono wouldn’t be burned. (I just heard. I haven’t tried it though).
But it is expensive! Usually it is inherited but my mother is still using hers. And hers is too big for my small tatami room. So I ordered it to a jail where trains prisoners to be a traditional craftsmen.
It is a small chest of drawers so I can keep half of my stocks. In winter, it keeps my summer kimonos. In summer, winter’s. A bit annoying but it urges my koromogae seasonal cloth changes like a mother!
I put nioi bukuro sachet Japanese incense in it. It keeps kimono from worm eaten. Especially silk and wool are risky.


リン姫 said...

How beautiful! I wish I could get one for my new apartment! I'm still hunting for kimono so I can wear everyday~ I just bought one that is right height for me, I hope the sleeves are not to short...
Congratulations for new tansu!

shino said...

Hi Princess リン
Congratulations for your new kimono! Height is more important than sleeve length, I think. Just squeeze your shoulders if they are short.

ROTA said...

Nice tansu and it is great that inmates can learn a job in prison.
I've got one myself and are very happy with it.


shino said...

Hi Rota

I saw your tansu and cats. How lovely they are!

Sabrina said...

I'm Sabrina and I'm from Germany and currently living in Tokyo.
I found your blog because I'm interested in Kimono (and Japanese culture in generell). I want to learn more about Kimonos and how to wear them.
My interest for Kimonos comes from my Hobby: sewing! I'm a professional dressmaker and I just love fabrics!
Best regards

shino said...

Hello Sabrina
Thanks for visiting my blog. Have you ever visited Torisumi in Jiyugaoka/

This is used kimono shop and selling beautiful kimono cloth for dolls.

I think you can enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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