New summer obi from yahoo japan auction

New obi just arrived. 100% silk, brand new, rasha tsumugi. The issue is, although I get this for my yellow Zenmai tsumugi, obi’s seasonality is just for mid-June to end of August. Tsumugi should be after Sept. they won’t match! Since obi texture is too summery. I found it when I received it. Pictures on auction didn’t tell it…
+ = I had thought perfect match


Anonymous said...


I just found your blog today and I love it. It is great to see someone so dedicated to kimono! I will be studying in Japan for a year and I really want to take a kimono class to learn how to wear and to practice my Japanese.

It is my dream to buy a beautiful kimono, but they are too expensive.You are an inspiration!

shino said...

Thanks! Your comment really encourage me to continue this blog.. My kimono school is Nihon Waso. They offer free kimono classes with 12-13 lessons and you also can study Japanese.
I buy kimonos mostly on-line especially auction or on sale. Buying used kimonos is the most reasonable but there is a size issue even on me (I am 163cm, 5feet 4inches tall).