New Obi! Lovely but difficult to adjust...

My new Princess Violet obi sash by freehand Yuzen dyeing artist, Yogestu Ozaki.
The motif of this sash comes from a classic literature in 11th century,
The Tale of Genji ( Genji Monogatari =>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tale_of_Genji ), the story of a prince Genji and tons of princesses he loved.
Princess Violet is the youngest princess he loved. She was look alike his one-side lover, his step mother, Emperor's 2nd (or 3rd?) wife.
This sash's motif is the moment Prince met Princess Violet. She's just shown behind the blind chasing a bird.
Why Princess Violet? The reason is here. princess-violet-is-me

This sash is too wonderful to tie. Because it is very difficult to show the bird on the top and her hair at the bottom together. And also, Yogetsu kindly put GENJIKO mark on tare, at the end of the sash. It's easily misaligned!