My First Shamisen (Japanese Banjo) Recital

I started Shamisen Japanese Banjo class from this spring. I had expected to get mroe opportunity to wear Kimono with Shamisen class, but nobody wore Kimono at the class... I disappointed...
But please see! at the recital, we played as if we were National Orchestra!

Today's Kimono
Edo Komon (stencil dyeing) kimono
Shioze hand write dyeing sash with Japanese musical instrumentals motif
Pale pink silk kimono under
Pale pink collar
Violet sash scarf
Violet and silver sash belt

I made Edo Komon kimono which I had admired for a long time for this recital. And I coordinated musical instrumental motif sash for it. What a nice combination! I know I couldn't play Shamisen as nice as I looked. Please wait for until next year's recital. Oh, but what I shall wear next year!!!