The best performance in the world at Kabuki theater

Today is my birthday! I went to see Kabuki with the best seat in my life. 10th low from the stage!

Tamasaburo (Go Wikipedia.en ") acting geisha prostitute Akoya was really really wonderful. He danced, sung and played 3 instrumentals with Japanese style big band. Japanese harp Koto, Japanese guitar Shamisen and Chinese guitar Kokyu. As everybody admits, he is genius. Born to be Kabuki Oyama (actor of female roles).
Tamasaburo Akoya

I think he is the best actor in the world because I have never heard about Broadway star who can dance and sing as well as play three different type of instrumentals (piano, violin and base...!?).

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Today's Kimono
Gauze silk summer oshima tsumugi (pongee fabrics) kimono
Gauze silk summer sash with fan and dragonfly motif
Pale pink silk kimono under
Violet collar
Violet sash scarf
Violet sash belt

I was a bit disappointed to find few Kimono in Kabuki Theater. Not about the actors but the audiences...