A love poem from 1000years ago

My new summer sash has just arrived. Sent by freehand Yuzen dyeing artist, Yogestu Ozaki.
The motif of this sash comes from a classic literature in 11th century,
The Tale of Genji ( Genji Monogatari =>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tale_of_Genji ), the story of a prince Genji and tons of princesses he loved. The tale has 54 chapters, each chapter title is coming from each princess's name.

This sash's motif is Yugao (Twilight Beauty), the princess sent a fan to the prince Genji. On the fan, there were a love poem she wrote and beautiful white glories.


Now It's the summer kimono season!

We wear lined kimono with winter sash until the end of May and are permitted to wear single kimono and summer sash in June and in September. July and August is a season for silk gauze kimonos with summer sash.
This is severe Kimono regulation and no matter how hot in May (especially these global warming days!), if you wore single kimono with summer sash, a member of committee of Kimono discipline (usually old nagging ladies) walk to you and warn.

Now June starts. This is my June style. Do you like them?
Single silk komon(dyeing) kimono
Gauze silk summer sash with fan and dragonfly motif
Violet cotton and hemp kimono under
Violet collar
Rose and orange silk sash scarf
Violet sash belt

Thanks for your comment, Satoai-san. I found this gray/white lattice kimono at a famous antique kimono collector Ms. Shigeko Ikeda's shop in Tokyo. This is the only one she praised me although I had tried tons of kimonos!