Kimono requires non gorgeous, non-sexy body

Kimono is only tighten by strings and a sashIn Japan, April is the beginning of the new academic year for schools. My Kimono class also started in april. I STUDYed how to wear Kimono. I confess I could not wear Kimono by myself. Please don't laugh.... Because how to wear Kimono is very difficult, Japanese do not wear them so often and become to forget how to wear.

Another reason of the declining the usage of the kimono is... Kimoto fits the waist-less, flat-chested body. If you have contoured glamorous body, it is better to wear in western style.

I have a nice body for Kimono. Now I have got to know how to wear kimono. But still I can’t tighten Obi Sash by myself. It is the most difficult part. I want double length arms and soft shoulder joint to tighten Sash on my back!
Sashes are around 4m 13feet long!