Summer Kimonos in Sept. in Europe

I traveled Mediterranean with 5 kimonos. Kimono regulations do not permit to wear Summer Kimono in September. If you wear summer cotton kimono or hemp kimono after September 1st, old strict Japanese lady walk straight up to you and warn you.
But who knows it in Europe!!? The temperature was around 75F-90F, 25C-30C in early September. I enjoyed summer Kimonos. Guys who met me around Mediterranean, thank you for telling my kimono was beautiful.
Silk Komon Kimono with Silver Obi
with a Russian couple on Mediterranean with Silk Komon Kimono and Silver Obi
Hemp50% and Cotton50% Kimono with Okinawa Minsa Obi
Hemp50% and Cotton50% Kimono and Okinawa Minsa Obi and my birthday cake!

In Palermo with dragon fly motif Cotton Kimono and pink Hakata Obi