Graduated Kimono Class

how to wear Kimono I finished my kimono class. Now I can wear Kimono full set in 15 minutes. Please don't think 15 minutes is too long. We must wear two kimonos at once, tight one kimono with 2 ropes.
Additionally, Obi sash and sash belt, sash ribbon should be tighten. If you bind ropes or sashes too tight, you can not eat anything!

And in the summer season, Tokyo has become really hot and muggy because of town heat, wearing kimono is a kind of a torture. Recently in Tokyo, the temperature become over 33C (90F) everyday!

Attached picture is my Kimono Class Union. Please see beautiful summer Kimono collection!
Kimono Class Union


ROTA said...

Hello, i am Mirjam from the Netherlands and i was wandering if i could follow a course kimono dressing in Japan at your school.

shino said...

Hi Mirjam,

Do you use Japanese?
My kimono school is Nihon Waso. You can take free kimono class with 12-13 lessons.

ROTA said...

Hello Shino,

Do you mean if i can speak or read Japanese?
No, i can't but is that a problem. i was hoping there would be classes in English?

Greetings Mirjam

shino said...

I can be your non-licensed Kimono teacher. Or if you prefer to study from a professional, I will ask my friend, a retired kimono stylist to teach you and I will translate.

ROTA said...

Thank you for your offer but it will take some time before i will go to Japan. Problebly in 2009

But if i have a question may i ask them?

greetings Mirjam

shino said...

Sure, you can ask any quiestion to me. I am glad to know there are some people who are interested in Kimono and Kitsuke.
See you in 2009!