Kimono students graduation!

My part-time kimono wearing class was completed. From this April to June, we have 6 lessons and now all 20 ladies (10 x 2 groups) can wear kimono quite elegantly!
Please see our graduation photo.

Now they can wear kimonos which were from their mothers. How useful to save the clothes which were stored in old tansu chests for a log time.


Furisode Kimono Wearing

American flea market shoppers visited us to wear their treasures. We enjoyed to see their beautiful furisode, tsukesage and obi sashes. And we made them dressed.
How gorgeous they are!
And then, we made sushi rolls for our lunch wearing kimono apron on kimono.
What are beautiful day with colorful kimonos and sushi rolls!


Singing and Dancing Japanese Folk Songs in Kimono!

Since I heard Sheila would film about kimono, I dashed off the shooting place near Asakusa. Surprisingly, the place was a traditional Japanese folk song bar and all store staffs were professional signers and shamisen players.
Not only just listening the staffs are playing Japanese traditional folk songs, you also can dance and sing with their accompaniment. I sang Tokyo-ondo song and danced Tanko-bushi coal miners song. These are very easy to sing and dance songs for Japanese traditional bon festival.
Like our ancestors, I really wished I could sing and dance all-night! Definitely would like to visit again! must be on Friday or Saturday night.