Kimono and boots trip in Europe

With facebook friends' advice, I walked around cities in kimono and boots.

In London, as well as a wool cap. It was cold and cloud over...

In Rome. Orange shawl over haori was perfect to protect from cold and pickpockets.

In Genoa. I wore my uncle's haori. My grandmother sewed to her son about 50 years ago but no one has ever worn, and both were passed away already. It was fond last autumn as just a brand-new. so I wore it! It's nicely warm.

I showed the Mediterranean sea to my new shibori obi,  Higashi-san  made for this kimono. Kimono was renewed by Lyuta . The color red was really a good match to the ocean, I believe.


Kitty Kanzashi said...

You should have mentioned you were visiting London! My friends and I would have loved to meet you!

Shino said...

Oh you are in London? We should have to meet! It was just a half day stay for transit. Let's meet next time, or when you come to Japan!
Arigato, Shino