It's exciting to design my own obi sash!

I plan to wear my red komon and orange based calico sarasa kimonos on my travel to the Mediterranean. If it is overseas at sea, I don't need to be tied by Japanese old custom that matured women should wear quiet colors! (right?)
Both asanoha komon and sarasa have intricate motifs so obi sash should be simple and has a large pattern.

How about snow flake yukiwa on hemp leaves asanoha and arabesque karakusa on calico?
Higashi-san agreed to make shibori obi sashes with these patterns. Hyahhow (=Japanese wow ), how exciting! (to be continued...)

snowflake yukiwa (left) hemp leaves asanoha (right)

arabesque karakusa (left) calico sarasa (right) 

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Misuchi said...

I love these designs, it will look so good!
Now I hope for a post on the strictness off age appropriate kimono *sigh* you look and feel young enough to wear these kimono (I think)