How to get a sexy kimono appearance from behind

I read a book of Tamao Nakamura, who has been an actress over 50 years. She also married with a famous samurai movie star and director Shintaro Katsu until he died.

In her kimono book, she gave us tips of how to wear kimono sexy, as she showed on a TV advertising. Please see the movie from here. (Sorry, sipping noodle is Japanese traditional manner. Please do like this when you come to Japan.)

She suggested that when we wear kimono, we must adjust kimono center straight on our backbone. But under the waist, it is better to slide the kimono center 4-5cm (1-2 inches) to the left or right whichever we like. If we do like this, the kimono buttocks back shot becomes three-dimensional and looks sexy.

Really? I have never heard of this. Will try next time.

For your reference. Another kimono books with many photos.


El Panal de la Abejita said...


Misuchi said...

I love the sound of her kimono when she wiggles her hips.
The slurping sound? Sorry, can't get used to that ^_^
The fun thing is, most western girls have to make the center line somewhat to the left, good to know it is sexy!

shino said...

Haha, I know how non-Japanese react against slurping sound...So I never order soup noodle when I am oversea. But in Japan, it is everywhere!
Slurping is for enjoying the smell of the soup stock. If you try, you may be able to taste the noodle much more!

Kimono de Jack UK said...

I love the video and the fact that she is not afraid to be sexy in a kimono :)

shino said...

Oh I think kimono is very sexy. just we keep it inside of eri awase (the V line of the collar). But sometimes it overflows from the miyatsuguchi (the openings under the armpit). And she showed we also can show kimono is sexy from the behind!

Anyway, kimono de Jack is GREAT!

Ume Bloom said...

As far as I know, some obi do that sound 2hen you move and apparently it is a quality sound!
And I actually like the slurping sound :)

auberginefleur said...

I often wear my vintage kimono this way, as it is a way around dealing with the kimono being a bit too narrow for my body.