How to get a sexy kimono appearance from behind

I read a book of Tamao Nakamura, who has been an actress over 50 years. She also married with a famous samurai movie star and director Shintaro Katsu until he died.

In her kimono book, she gave us tips of how to wear kimono sexy, as she showed on a TV advertising. Please see the movie from here. (Sorry, sipping noodle is Japanese traditional manner. Please do like this when you come to Japan.)

She suggested that when we wear kimono, we must adjust kimono center straight on our backbone. But under the waist, it is better to slide the kimono center 4-5cm (1-2 inches) to the left or right whichever we like. If we do like this, the kimono buttocks back shot becomes three-dimensional and looks sexy.

Really? I have never heard of this. Will try next time.

For your reference. Another kimono books with many photos.