Let's become a kimono savvy

I assisted a kimono lecture for interpreter guides who would like to explain more about kimonos to foreign tourists. Lecturer Satoko, whose mother is also a kimono lecturer, wore special sibori tye-dyeing kimono from her local town (I forgot the name but it was so beautiful!)

Audiences were quietly and seriously listening (this is typical Japanese manner) during the lecture part; kimono category, kaku status and history. However, when the question and answer session started, they were completely changed. Some of them brought uncertain origin kimonos and obis from their grand mothers. What these motifs are? Can I wear this, when and how? Is this OK for my age? How can I coordinate these???

On next lecture in June, we will make longer this family's old kimono part. To see old kimonos and feel their family history was so exciting for me, too.

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Misuchi said...

more things I wished to be present!
I hope there will be something fun late September ^_~