Kimono Kitsuke Club 1 What I wear under nagajuban

Finally, I will open kimono kitsuke club on next Monday. 5 people will join. From daily kimono wearer to a beginner. We show how we wear kimono each other and exchange own kimono kitsuke tips. It must be a big fun.
As for their reference, I show what I wear under nagajuban.
1. two pieces of ordinary under wears (western style)
If you have a gorgeous body, tubetop may be better. (this is just a guess because I don't have such a body)

2. Ashibe juban
This is a bit expensive but very good for soaking up sweat and add thickness around a chest. I wear this throughout a year.

3.Suteteko long johns
I wear cotton linen one for summer, wool for winter instead of susoyoke.

4. Sodo hip pad
This also add thickness around the weist.

As you may know, because kimono is made from stitching rectangular pieces of cloth together in straight in lines, and there are no darts and  no tucks, it is better to make your body as flat as possible before you put kimono. In Japanese it is hosei revision. but how can I say in English? How about this? Make your coca-cola body to a stock pan!


Misuchi said...

a kimono club how great! I hope to come one day ^_^
I love that padded hanjuban, I think it must be so handy!
And the cocacola bottle is just too funny, hope to see yo soon (well autumn time again) ^_^

Lyuba-chan said...

We call it a "tube" body :) Because it is the same width all over! I recently got a kimono bra and a waist pad, and they help me a LOT! I also use a towel around my waist (haha) to help get rid of my curves.

Kimono club sounds great! I want to start one too in my area, but I don't know enough people who love kimono as much as I do.

shino said...

Thanks for warm messages to Tokyo kimono club. Tube body... yeah, exactly.

Inna S said...

Hi Shino! What is the adress of your kitsuke club? I would love to join!

Shino said...

Hi Inna!
It is at my house, 5 minutes from Meguro station in Tokyo. Next meeting will be held on Jan 30th Monday afternoon. Will you join?

Inna S said...

すばらしい I would love to join but unfortunately I work in the office during the day. But maybe I can take half-day off. Do you mind emailing me for more details thewallinna@gmail.com?