Geisha Show!

On my birthday, hoping a unique event, I asked to take me to Geisha Show! There are some reasonable tours for travelers. I heard English geisha tours were much popular than for Japanese, but this night, I met none of non-Japanese.

After 30 min ride on bus, we went Mukojima old red-light district area. Two geishas, one hangyoku (geisha apprentice) and one shamisen player welcomed us, 17 Japanese people, most of us were women. Although this type of event used to be limited for man visitors, now both customers and entertainers are women.

They served dinner for us, cheered with us, played music and danced. I really enjoyed their beautiful and traditional kimonos. Surprisingly, they wore kimonos quite loosely (but not slovenly). Hangyoku-san’s embroidery haneri (inside collar) was so cute!
Mukojima means Other Side (of Sumida river) or Out Side of Edo (old Tokyo) central. Isolated and lawless area man could be absorbed in self-indulgent pleasures with geishas and oirans, if he was rich!


Zanucki said...

First of all お誕生日お目出度うご座います。
Why are geisha shows for japanese more visited by women than men nowadays? I guess you were interested mainly on kimonos and perhaps the shamisen performance but what do you think that were the interests of other women present at the event?


shino said...

First of all, Thank you for your message on my birthday, アントニオさん!
Hmmm, why modern women like to visit geisha show? A good question! It’s women's liberation movement! And women like to see dressing up women (themselves) although men like to see lightly dressed women, don’t you!?

Zanucki said...

I really appreciate kimonos. To me they are so astonishing feminine that was a surprise to know they are not easy to wear or particularly confortable. Nevertheless they can be very stylish or refined and still proudly represent one face of Japan.
Back to Geishas' world, it is easy to understand that they became a repository of this traditional garment. From a aesthetic point of view, kimono is a great human creation.

shino said...

Thank you for your appreciation for kimonos. I personally hope kimonos will become more casual and common again. Kimono is not so uncomfortable as it looks. Especially men’s kimonos. Please try!