How to wear kimono coolly

Do you have ice pad in your area? These sheets are so useful to cool down the body when we wear kimono in the hot season. Usually it is put on fevered kid’s forehead. I wrap my upper arms with these sheets. I can’t stand without them in summer. Insert ice block between kimono and obi knot might be cooler but obi will get wet. Only with non-silk obi, you can try ice block on back.

Today’s ensemble is
Light brown; ojiya chijimi 50% hemp and 50% cotton
Light orange; Tale of Genji Evening glory sash
White; obi jime belt
Hmm it’s a bit colorless…


Misuchi said...

Oh I love this combination. The colours are just shooting, really nice.
I love the idea of cool-packs ^_^ especially on the back... mmm... sounds cooling. But yes water is a problem, too bad! I think the Japanese should invent a cold obi-makura hihi.
now it's hot here too, and we Dutchies are really not used to warm weather, though, I love it! But for full kimono dress it might be a bit too much, so cool-packs could be a great answer.

Jen said...

Because it's so humid here, my kimono and obi between the obi ita are usually completely wet!! (or damp)
So, maybe wetness is not a problem...

I like your kimono! <3