New kimono kitsuke session

Although kimono has become special occasional clothes, someone still wear it daily. We asked her to show us how she wore kimono, and she did! At previous kimono kitsuke class, I was taught to use two Korin belts -elastic with plastic clips on both ends to hold collar not loosen. So I used to clip kimono and juban in total 4 clips inside kimono. But she totally denied the belt with clips and told us how to tie chest strap between kimono and obi sash. Big surprise! The strap holds collars gently, and keeps them for a long time.

She also taught us, if we use 3 different colors in total kimono coordination, it look chic and sophisticated (=iki). Not too many colors, not monotone. She also said, we need to be careful for black sash because it easily seemed “nighttime entertainment business women’s” fashion…

Next time, I will ask her how to remake kimonos which became a bit girlish for my age. She may tell us how to re-dye them or how to change the liners. How exciting!