Torture? No, summer kimonos

Who makes Tokyo so hot? Everyday, the temperature is over 30 degree Celsius, 90 Fahrenheit.
Wearing kimono in Tokyo is now a kind of torture. Because of obi sash. You must wind up your waist with 3-4m long sash and tie! Man’s sash is easy because it’s only 9cm wide. Woman’s is about 15cm.
I won’t give up though. It’s a season of light, thin and sheer kimonos made of cotton, linen and hemp. They look so cool. I love them.

Tamasaburo and Ebizo play together on July Kabuki. Don't miss it!
I wore light colored kimono to Kabuki-za. It was Natsu Oshima. Very light weaved silk, shari-shari (please imagine) touch. Obi is my summer best (but only for early-summer because the motif is the morning glory) Genji Monogatari.

Cotton kimono with silk fukuro obi (left), hemp kimono and hemp obi(right)
Hemp is cooler than cotton yukata and much sophisticated I think.


New summer obi from yahoo japan auction

New obi just arrived. 100% silk, brand new, rasha tsumugi. The issue is, although I get this for my yellow Zenmai tsumugi, obi’s seasonality is just for mid-June to end of August. Tsumugi should be after Sept. they won’t match! Since obi texture is too summery. I found it when I received it. Pictures on auction didn’t tell it…
+ = I had thought perfect match