Iromuji at sea

I wore Iromuji Kimono for the formal night of my cruise travel at Mediterranean Sea. I love cruise, ship and sea as well as kimono. So why don't I cruise wiht kimonos? This is my highest ranked kimono robe and obi sash for formal dress code. Iromuji with my family crest (kamon) on the back. Although nobody on the ship cares for the rank of my kimono, I put date eri (two-layer collar ) also since this is our traditional formal dress code.

this is my first trial of date eri (two-layer collar).
Today's Kimono
Iromuji (dyed up in one color) kimono with one family crest and two-layer collar
Traditional motif (flower?) sash with gold stitch work
White kimono under
Two layered collar with laced purple and yellow
Yellow sash scarf
Yellow sash belt